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Dr. Yenba Sing was born and raised in Southern California.

She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Califorinia,Irvine as well as her Masters in Public Health from California State University of Long Beach. Leaving California for the first time, she attended Midwestern University in Arizona and received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 2013. She moved to Portland, Oregon where she practiced for 5 years prior to moving back to California to be closer to her family. 

Dr. Sing has enjoyed being back in California and making it her new home. She is active in local dental organizations, as Secretary for the Northern California Academy of General Dentistry and as a board member for the San Mateo County Dental Society.

Dr. Sing loves working with her hands and is an avid crafter and creator, preferring to make things herself instead of buying from the store. This includes sewing laptop protectors and baby supplies, knitting hats and dresses, crocheting little stuffed animals, and baking pastries. As such,
she finds herself very lucky to be a dentist, because it gives her the ability to create something beautiful every day.

Family is important to Dr. Sing and she enjoys spending time with her 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter. She and her husband are also avid football fans and have made the goal of visiting every single stadium in the United States, and possibly London and Mexico as well. She enjoys traveling and loves visiting cities to taste their culinary treasures.

In the words of Dr. Yenba Sing:

“My dental philosophy is simple. I am your biggest advocate and I am here
to help you make informed decisions and provide you with the best clinical
care by always learning and improving my skills.”




Dr. Adam Shing Ka Wu grew up in Hong Kong and moved to America when he was 17. He graduated from UC Berkeley for his undergraduate studies in Economics, University of Arizona for his Master in Information Systems, and UCSF for his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). While volunteering at a oncology clinic during his master studies, he saw the life-changing potential of health care and decided to pursue dentistry as a profession and means to serve his community around him. At UCSF, Dr. Wu was able to continue being involved in dental outreach to the community through health screenings and off-site clinics for the underserved. 

Dr. Wu has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years. He believes open communication is critical to a good relationship with his patients so he will patiently explain in understandable terms what the issues are, and how he intends to proactively re-establish health. Communication is always a two-way street, so he welcomes any and all questions.

In his free time, Dr. Wu likes to explore local eateries and spend as much time outside as the San Francisco sun allows. He enjoys traveling, snorkeling, swimming, rock climbing, windsurfing, hiking and many other outdoor activities. 

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